ViewPorter® Mercury EPUB Editor

ViewPorter® Mercury EPUB Editor 2.0.0

ViewPorter® Incredible EPUB3 Editor

ViewPorter® Incredible EPUB3 Editor

This version of ViewPorter® EPUB3 Editor includes Support Chinese, Russian, Spanish languages,

Added awesome new templates, Image Popup, Text Popup, Image Slide widgets, Support Z-Index Alignment

Connect to shutterstock and Orange4D multimedia store, Support Text Effect and Image Effect, Support Image Slide widget, Added Text Box, Text Scroll Box, Table widget, Support WebGL, Weather Story(Image) Widget, Location Story(Image) Widget – it may not run on iBooks and Kindle

- Runs on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes&Noble Nook, Kobo ebooks, etc.

Awesome advantages are here...

- Beautiful New Icons

- Generate new Templates

- Can connect to Orange4D Digital Contents Server

- Supports EPUB3 Reflowable

- Meta data input window

- Amazing Styler Function

- EPUB Validation Check for EPUB2 and EPUB3

- Generate Android APK

- Contents Size adjustable on the page

- Automatic Update for new version of ViewPorter™

Supports for Korean, English and Spanish

Automatic TOC Generator

Reflowable and Fixed Layout

Preview Multimedia stuffs

ViewPorter® Mercury EPUB Editor


ViewPorter® Mercury EPUB Editor 2.0.0